Cake Base

- Put all ingredients in a mixing machine 

- Mix for 1 minute slow, then move to average speed in 2 minute 

- Put in a 40*60cm tray lined with baking paper 

- Bake at 180°C for 12-15 minutes

Salted Caramel Sauce

- Cook sugar into caramel, add whipping and salt 

- Turn off the stove, lower the temperature and add unsalted butter 

- Mix with whipped cream and gelatine

Chocolate Mousse

- Cook the whipping heat at 85°C, add the chocolate and stir until it becomes the mixture ganache, add geatine 

- Add whipped cream and mix well

Chocolate Glaze

- Heat water, sugar, and glucose to 103°C, add chocolate stirred 

- Heat fresh milk and add it to the mixture 

- Add soaked gelatine to the mixture 

- Finally, use a hand blender to blend until smooth and leave for 24 hours

Chocolate Salt Caremel Mousse

- Weight of each cake: 180 gram 

- Quantity: 16 pieces 

- Storage temperature: Refrigerator temperature (5-10°C) 

- Shelf life: 5 days