Red Velvet Layer Cake



Store temperature: Cool temperature (2-10°C)

Shelf life: 4 days


- Put all ingredients in a mixing machine 

- Mix for 1 minute slow, then move to medium speed in 2 minutes 

- Put in a 40*60cm tray liner - Bake at 180°C for 12-15 minutes

Cheese cake

- Cremyvit mix with fresh milk by whisk in 5 minutes fast 

- Resting dough in 3minutes, then beat fast in 3 minutes 

- Beat Topping cream until light and fluffy, then mix well into  the custard cream
- Melting gelatin and put into the mixture

Shaping & decoration

- Put one by one: cake - cheese cake 

- Slice cake into rectangle size 3x8cm

Red velvet layer cake

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of recipe: 2020 graamm

- Weight: 90 gr/piece 

- Quantity: 20 pieces