Durian Coffee Cake



Store temperature: Refrigerator  (5-10°C)

Shelf days: 7 days

Coffee cake

- Put all ingredients in a mixing machine 

- Mix for 2 minutes slow, then move to medium speed in 2 minutes 

- Then move to slow speed again in 1 minute, adding oil 

- Put in a 40*60cm tray lined with baking paper 

- Bake at 180°C for 23 minutes

Durian Mousse

- Boiling fresh milk, whipping and egg yolks together with simmer at 80°C 

- Add chocolate and stir 

- Mix instant coffee with hot water and then add chocolate, mix well 

- Melting gelatine (soaking in cold water) - Add whipped cream into the mixture

Vani cream

- Mix creamyvit with water until soft 

- Add topped cream and continously beat until soft, light, and fluffy 

- Add coffee

Shaping & decoration

- Cut cake into 2 part 

- Put one by one: cake- mousse- cake- mousse 

- Freezing 

- Cut a 12cm-slice

Durian Coffee Cake

Complexity level:  

Total weight of recipe: 3.865 gr 

Weight of per cake: 570 gram 

Quantity: 6 pieces