Durian Pandan Cake



Storage temperature: Refrigerator temperature (2-10°C)

Shelf life: 5 days


- Grind pandan leaves, juice to get pandan leaf juice 100g 

- Mix flour, eggs, pandan juice, Cake gel by whisk mix slow in 1 minute, move to fast speed in 4 minutes,then slow speed again in 20 seconds 

- Add the oil slowly for 1 minute, mix well 

- Put in a 40*60cm tray lined , bake at 180°C for 15 - 18 minutes

Durian Ice-cream

- Cook Whipping, durian meat at 85°C, then add White chocolate 31% mix well 

- Add the butter, using hand mixer to blend 

- Cover and leave the cream mixture overnight 

- Put the mixture by whisk

Shaping & Decoration

- Cake mold 20 cm (130 gr) -> catching durian ice cream (120 gr) - 2 layers of cake, 2 layers of filling

Durian Pandan Cake

Complexity level:  

- Total recipe weight: 2065 gr 

- Weight of each cake: 480 gr 

- Quantity: 4 pieces 


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