Matcha Cheese Layer Cake



Storage temperature: Refrigerator temperature (2-10°C)

Shelf life: 5 days


- Place all ingredients in a bowl and beat on slow speed for 2 minutes 

- Then beat medium speed for 2 more minutes 

- Place in a 40x60 tray lined with baking paper 

- Bake at 180°C for 18-22 minutes

Chocolate Ganache

- Heat whipping to 80°C then add chocolate and mix well 

- Let the mixture cool and stir 

- Putmatcha green tea powder into the water and stir the mixture well, then add Chocolate Ganache section 

- Use a hand blender to blend until smooth, then add butter and wine mixture

Cream Cheese

- Add the cheese and beat until smooth, then add the Chocolate Ganache and beat mixture 

- Next, add the whipped whipping cream and mix it slowly with mix above

Shaping - Decoration

- Add Chocolate Ganache and Cream Cheese Filling and beat Mix well, then add whipped Topping cream 

- After the cake cools, cut it into 6 equal parts Toppings in order: cake -- chocolate ganache -- cake -- cheese cream filling --- Smoobee --- cake --- cream cheese filling 

- Smooth the cake with cake coating 

- Cover the cake with Chocolate Ganache and decorate to your liking

Matcha Cheese Layer Cake

Complexity level:  

- Total recipe weight: 2180 gr 

- Weight of each cake: 950 gr gr 

- Quantity: 2 pieces