Celery Red Bean Cereal Cake



Store temperature:  (25-35°C)

Shelf days: 5 days

Cereal red bean cake

- Put red bean with Plain flour 

- Put all ingredients in a mixing machine (except red bean) 

- Mix for 2 minutes slow, then move to fast speed in medium speed for 2 minutes 

- Mix red beans, put into 25cm_rectangle mold - 6x8cm, 550 gr/ mold 

- Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes

Shaping & decoration

- After cake is cold, cut thin slice about 2cm/slice 

- Cut thin 2cm slice

Recipe Name

Author: Author of the recipe

Complexity level:  

Total weight of recipe: 3.865 gram 

Weight of per cake: 570 gram 

Quantity : 6 pieces 


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