Earl Grey Tea Cream Cake



Storage temperature:  Refrigerator Temperature (2-10°C)

Shelf life: 5 days


- Put all ingredients in a mixing machine (except cooking oil, rasberry) 

- Mix for 1 minute slow, then move to fast in 5 minutes, move to slow speed in 1 minute, add oil 

- Spreading rasberry in a 40*60cm tray lined 

- Bake at 180°C for 12-15 minutes

Earl Grey Cream

- Cremyvit mix with milk by whisk in 1 minutes slow, break, move to fast speed in 4 minutes 

- Heating whipping cream, then add earl grey tea in 10 minutes 

- Remove your tea leaves and get tea 

- Mix tea and chocolate and heated 

- Put the cremyvit mixture and chocolate mixture and mix well 

- Continue to add topping cream into the mixture and mix well.

Shaping & Decoration
Put cream on 18cm cake

Early Grey Tea Cream Cake

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the recipe: 2062 gr 

- Weight of each cake: 600 gr 

- Quantity: 3 cakes