Sweet Chili Garlic Truffle




Storage temperature: Cool Room Temperature (10-18°C)

Shelf life: 14 days


- Melt unsalted butter and sauté garlic until golden and sift into a separate bowl 

- Chili with seeds removed, boiled and pureed, then stir-fried with garlic butter until it thick 

- Continue to add jaggery and glucose, chili powder and mix together until dissolved 

- Turn off and add the fried garlic and fish sauce to the mix, let the mixture cool and put in the bag

Ganache Hazelnut

- Heat whipping cream, chocolate and cocoa butter until it blended 

- Add Hazelnut & Almond praline to the above mixture and stir until dissolved 

- When the mixture cools down to 38°C, add Amaretto wine and using hand blender to blen

Shaping & Decoration

- Pump the above 2 cores into the cocosphere (4 gr Satay and 6 gr filling Ganache) 

- Melt the chocolate and fill the bottom of the cocosphere 

- Put in the fridge for 10 minutes and wait for the chocolate to dry and peel off the mold 

- Mix almonds with whites, powdered sugar and bake at 140°C for 15 minutes 

- Dip the ball in the melted chocolate and roll over the mixture almond

Sweet Chili Garlic Truffle

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the recipe: 1202 gr 

- Weight of each tablet: 16 gr 

- Quantity: 65 tablets