Bom Caramel



Storage temperature: Cool Room Temperature (18-24°C)

Shelf life: 30 days


Caramel Sauce

- Use a pot to boil the sugar, salt and glucose till it turn to caramel color 

- Turn off the heat, add whipping cream and mix well 

- When mixture cool down, add wine to mixture

Caramel Filling

- Bake the almonds until golden brown, fragrant, cool down 

- Divide the multiplication into 6 equal parts

Shaping & Decoration

- Using a round mold, pump tempered chocolate into the mold, then Spit it back out to create a candy crust (12 pieces) 

- Put in the fridge for about 15 minutes and peel the crust out of the mold 

- Put 6 caramel fillings in 6 chocolate shells 

- Use the remaining 6 shells to stick them together 

- Customize coating

Chocolate Bom caramel

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the recipe: 338 gr 

- Weight of each tablet: 47 gr 

- Quantity: 6 tablets