Industrial Bakery Competence Center

Helping on an industrial scale

Industrial and semi-industrial bakeries around the world face challenges that are very different to those faced by artisans, mainly due to differences in the scale and speed of production. To help our industrial customers tackle and overcome these challenges, we have established 11 International Bakery Competence Centers (IBCC) worldwide.

Pilot project

The IBCC provides customers from all over of the world with the facilities and tools to develop specific bakery solutions, and to research and test new applications before starting production. To this end, the IBCCs are built with fully-equipped pilot bakeries that are designed specifically for maximising technological innovation and improving process efficiency.

Customised solutions

At the IBCCs, our local teams of researchers and technical advisors keep an eye on current trends related to ingredients, interactions, processes and technologies. As a result, our customers receive a complete package of customised solutions that cover the supply of ingredients, the development of finished goods and recipes that work with their equipment and processes, as well as process implementation and product evaluation.

The IBCCs also offer trainings on specific industrial applications and technologies so that our customers are always able to operate at the cutting edge of bakery science and innovation.

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