Plan Croissant



Storage temperature: Refrigerator temperature (25-35°C)

Shelf life: 2 days

Bread dough

- Mix Flour: Mix all ingredients (except butter) until all ingredients are melted, then add butter and mix until dough is ready 

- 1st Resting: 20-30 minutes in the freezer 

- Dough Rolling: Roll out dough to fit butter size, pack the rolled and rolled butter park picked 3 then picked 4 

- 2nd Resting: 30 minutes in the freezer Shaping Roll dough up to 3mm, roll to create form a croissant 

- Final resting : 120-150 minutes, temperature 28ᵒC, humidity 80% 

- Decoration: Brush eggs on the surface or cut the bread to shape


- Temperature 180°C-200°C 

- Time 14-16 minutes

Plan Croissant

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the flour: 2270 gr

- Total recipe weight: 2270 gr 

- Weight of each cake: 45 gr 

- Weigh 45 grams per 1 flour

- Quantity: 50 pieces