Storage temperature: Refrigerator temperature (25-35°C)

Shelf life: 7 days


- Mix Flour: Mix all ingredients (except butter) until all ingredients are melted, then add butter and mix gently until the dough pulls a film. 

- 1st Resting Incubate the dough overnight in a cool room (20-25 degrees Celsius) 

- 2nd Mix Flour: Use the whole dough to mix with all the ingredients in the main dough (except butter) until all the ingredients are melted, then add the butter and mix gently until the butter is melted and the dough is stretched. 

- 2nd Resting: 60 minutes at room temperature 

- Shaping: Divide dough into ingredients to fit the mold Roll it up and put it in the mold 

- Final resting: 120 - 150 minutes (depending on temperature), until the cake rises double up, brush with eggs, sprinkle with almonds decor


Temperature: 170°C 

Baking Time: 30-40 Minutes


Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the flour: 1231 gr 

- Total recipe weight: 2957 gr 

- Weight of each cake: 270 gr

- Weigh 200 gr per 1 flour 

- Quantity: 10 pieces 


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