Hazelnut Calamansi Cinnamon



Storage temperature: Cool Room Temperature (10-18°C)

Shelf life: 14 days

Hazelnut Filling
- Melt chocolate and cocoa butter, then mix well with Hazelnut praline

Raspberry filling
- Heat raspberry puree and sugar #1 warm up - Mix the pectin powder with sugar #2, then add it slowly - Heat the mixture over medium heat to 103°C . - Lift it down and add the glucose and stir to dissolve - Wait for it to cool down to about 40°C, then add the wine and stir well

Cinnamon Ganache Filling
- Heat whipping cream, then add cinnamon to soak to create smell, incubated for 1 hour. Then sifted again, weighed to correct the original amount of cream - Heat the above mixture with sugar and trimoline, cinnamon powder - Lift it down and put in the melted chocolate - When the mixture cools to 38°C, add the butter and blend until smooth

Halzenut Calamansi Cinnamon

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the recipe: 1503 gr 

- Weight of each tablet: 12 gr 

- Quantity: 115 tablets


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