More Time to Savor Life with Puratos Ingredients

10 Dec 2023

At Puratos, we believe in the transformative power of food innovation for the greater good. Our mission goes beyond crafting exceptional ingredients; it's about innovating for good—to benefit people's health and well-being, to contribute to a better and healthier planet, and to enhance the lives and businesses of our valued customers. 

In the dynamic realms of artisanal baking and food manufacturing, time is a precious commodity. Puratos is dedicated to creating ingredients that not only meet the highest quality standards but also embody the spirit of convenience. We understand that you, our valued customers, deserve the luxury of time—to spend with loved ones, indulge in personal passions, and savor life's joys.

Explore our range of ingredients crafted for your convenience

Bakery Improvers

Bread improvers from Puratos are more than just enhancers for your baked goods – they provide the assurance and peace of mind that every artisanal baker and food manufacturer seeks. In the intricate dance of bread production, where factors like temperature, humidity, flour variations, and labor challenges come into play, our bread improvers act as steadfast allies. 

Our extensive portfolio of bread improvers caters to the unique needs of professionals in the fresh, packaged, or frozen bread sectors. Whether you opt for our complete multi-purpose improvers or prefer tailor-made modular approaches, you'll find a compelling reason to innovate with Puratos that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Let's delve into some of our top-selling bakery improvers, showcasing not just their exceptional qualities but also the convenience they bring to your daily operations:

S500 - Ultimate Tolerance, Time After Time: With a legacy spanning a century in bread making, Puratos introduced the groundbreaking T500 in 1953, the first complete bread improver in paste form. Evolving our formulas, we launched S500 in 1975, a powder improver that reached bakers worldwide. The unique enzyme technology from Antarctica at the core of S500 ensures ultimate tolerance, providing consistent and exceptional results batch after batch, saving you valuable time in achieving perfection.

Soft’r Improvers - Texture and Convenience Combined: Tailored for packaged breads, our Soft’r improvers incorporate cutting-edge enzyme and emulsifier technologies. These ingredients not only enhance product texture throughout the shelf life but also facilitate recipe cost reduction. The Soft’r Melting technology creates an optimal melting texture, reducing waste by keeping breads fresher for longer. A compelling reason to innovate with Puratos, these improvers not only elevate the quality and longevity of your bread but also add a layer of unmatched convenience to your baking process.

Intens Range - Fast and Flexible Innovation: Our modular Intens range revolutionizes the bakery industry. Built on the latest research and development, these solutions enhance dough and bread functionality across various applications, from toast bread, croissants and all kinds of soft breads. This versatility saves you time in adapting to changing market trends and consumer preferences.

Puraslim - Efficiency and Health in Every Batch: Redefine your bread offerings with Puraslim, a range of improvers and mixes that bring rich taste, texture, and freshness to your creations. Simultaneously, Puraslim helps reduce total fat, saturated fat, and caloric content, offering a genuine nutritional balance. By reducing reliance on costly ingredients like fats and adding more water, Puraslim provides a compelling reason to innovate with Puratos, offering both efficiency and health benefits

Convenient Mixes

For professional bakers, the importance of quality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness cannot be overstated. Puratos's bakery and cake mixes are crafted with these principles in mind, ensuring a seamless and delightful baking experience.

Easy Soft’r Mix - Multipurpose Innovation for Every Baker: Easy Soft’r mix is a game-changer for artisans, semi-industry, and industry customers alike. This concentrated bakery mix requires only the addition of water, yeast, and flour, making it incredibly versatile. From brioche to panettone and various soft bread applications, this innovative range guarantees optimal freshness, taste, and texture at a cost-effective price. The Easy Soft’r Plant-Based variant within the range is perfect for crafting plant-based sweet breads without compromising on texture or flavor..

Satin Premium Cake Mixes - Taste and Texture Redefined: Satin, a premium cake mix range, is your perfect tool for innovating with tastes and textures. For over 30 years, Satin has empowered bakers and patissiers to deliver the highest quality cakes on the market. From Satin Cream Cake to Satin Plant-Based, choose the texture you desire and embark on a journey of taste sensations that will delight your customers. Versatile and easy-to-use, Satin mixes ensure you never compromise on the quality of your creations.

Cremyvit - Quick and Creamy Custard Creams: Quality doesn't need to be sacrificed for speed, especially when it comes to custard cream. Introducing Cremyvit, a range of deliciously smooth and creamy custard cream mixes that require only moments to prepare—just add water! Cremyvit mixes are not only easy to use and quick to prepare but are also bake and freeze/thaw stable. Explore a wide range of applications, from tarts and pastries to éclairs and viennoiserie, and discover the taste and firm texture consumers crave.

Ready-to-use solutions

Unlock a new level of convenience and excellence in your creations with Puratos's ready-to-use solutions, meticulously crafted to save you time without compromising on quality.

Deli Cheesecake - Effortless New York Tradition: Immerse yourself in the simplicity of Deli Cheesecake, inspired by a traditional New York recipe. This ready-to-use cheesecake base, enriched with 30% cream cheese and eggs, ensures the success of every cheesecake with consistent quality. Say goodbye to complicated processes—Deli Cheesecake is easy to use and quick to bake, eliminating the need for water baths or extended baking times. Enjoy the freedom to experiment and craft your signature cheesecake, saving you valuable time while creating unique tastes, textures, and designs.

Cremfil - Time-Efficient Cream Fillings: Recognized as the pinnacle of cream fillings, Cremfil offers outstanding stability during pumping, baking, and freezing, saving you valuable time in your production process. This ready-to-use filling combines technical excellence with amazing taste and a long shelf life. Cremfil is designed for efficiency in bakery and patisserie goods. Its unmatched technical qualities make it a versatile time-saving solution, providing stability in various applications, from extrusion to injection and depositing. Enjoy the convenience of applying Cremfil before and after baking, contributing to time-efficient production.

Topfil Range - Quick and Vibrant Fruit Fillings: The Topfil range of ready-to-use fruit fillings is designed to add a burst of natural fruit flavor to your creations without the hassle. Choose from fillings with fruit pieces or a smooth texture to suit your preferences. With a diverse array of flavors like apple, pear, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, mango, apricot, cherry, guava, and more, Topfil simplifies your creative process, saving you time while enhancing the vibrancy of your baked goods.

Carat - Time-Saving, Decadent Fillings for Every Baker: Carat, our range of fat-based fillings, brings you a selection of flavors and functionalities to satisfy your creativity and save you time. Whether you're an artisan or an industry professional, Carat provides a convenient solution. From multi-purpose to extreme bake-stable to easy injectable, Carat elevates your sweet goods effortlessly, adding a touch of luxury without compromising on taste. 

In every innovative solution we offer, there's a promise—to enhance not just the taste of your creations but the overall quality of your life. More than ingredients, Puratos brings the luxury of time to your craft, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

With so many reasons to innovate, let's unite and create a positive impact on the world. Together, we can do good and move the planet forward.