Cake base

- Mix all ingredients together for 1 minute slowly, 4 minutes fast 

- Put the mixture on a 40 x 60 cm tray and spread evenly 

- Bake the mixture at 180°C for 12-16 minutes

Strawberry Jelly

- Boil all the ingredients and cook over medium heat 

- When the mixture boils, reduce the heat and continue to cook over low heat for another 15 minutes 

- Add Gelatine (soaked) into the mixture and stir well

Peach Cream

- Cook sugar and glucose into almost to caramel, add peach juice, boil with low heat until the mixture dissolves evenly 

- Turn off then add cocoa butter to make ganache 

- Warm the Mascarpone, whip the whipping cream until soft then add it - Mascarpone mix well and gently 

- Add ganache to whipping cream mixture and mix well 

- Heat the soaked gelatine and add it to the above mixture and mix well

Chocolate Mousse

- Cook the whipping heat at 85°C, add the chocolate and stir until it becomes ganache, add gelatine 

- Add whipped cream and mix well

Chocolate Glaze

- Cook water, sugar, and glucose to 103°C, add chocolate and stir well - Heat fresh milk and add it to the mixture 

- Add soaked gelatine to the above mixture 

- Finally, use a hand blender to blend until smooth and leave for 24 hours

Chocolate Spray
- Melt dark chocolate and 250gram cocoa butter together - Put into the sprayer at a temperature of 35 - 37°C

Shaping & Decoration

- Use a 5cm mold for strawberry jelly, chocolate mousse, and freeze 

- Use a 7cm mold for peach mousse and chocolate strawberry jelly, peach mousse cake 

- Put the chocolate mousse into a small round mold and freeze

Peach Chocolate Mousse

- Weight of per cake: 130 gram 

- Quantity: 24 cakes 

- Storage temperature: Refrigerator temperature (2-10°C) 

- Shelf life: 5 days


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