Brown Rice Sesame Bar



Storage temperature: Cool Room Temperature (10-18°C)

Shelf life: 14 days

Candy Filling

- Mix egg whites with powdered sugar and saffron, Cover and incubate for 30 minutes 

- Add brown rice, mix together, bake at 140°C for 20 minutes 

- Toast white sesame seeds until golden brown and crush them 

- Melt cocoa butter and chocolate in the microwave at 50°C 

- Mix white sesame, brown rice, and salt into the chocolate mixture together 

- Spoon the mixture into a 3x8cm rectangle mold, keep it in the fridge at 5°C for 15-20 minutes 

- Remove the candy filling from the mold and place it on a net to prepare for dipping Chocolate

Shaping & Decoration

- Melt chocolate in the microwave and stir until smooth, then temper this chocolate part 

- Remove the brown rice filling from the mold and dip it in the chocolate 

- On the decoration side, the transfer sheets fit the size of a candy bar (or can decorate other forms as you like) 

- Keep in the fridge at 5°C for about 15 minutes

Brown Rice Sesame Bar

Complexity level:  

- Total weight of the recipe: 973 gr 

- Weight of each tablet: 35 gr 

- Quantity: 25 bars 


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