The "Green Journey" towards Carbon Neutral of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam

On its way to implement the revolutionary activities in the "green journey" towards sustainable development, Puratos-Grand Place Vietnam is one of the pioneers who is bringing positive impacts to the goal of actualizing carbon neutrality in business operations.

Leading in the goal of becoming a "green enterprise"

10 Feb 2022

No longer a new concept in the context of countries moving towards a green orbit - committed to minimizing negative impacts on the environment and the Earth, carbon neutrality has become a top goal for efficient and sustainable business operations. However, achieving remarkable results in the "green enterprise" goal is not accessible at all even with enterprises in the most advanced countries.

According to a 2014 report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - the affiliated organization of the United Nation, electricity and thermal energy consumption, farming & land cultivation and industrial production - the three essential activities of the food industry is also the main cause of global warming (accounting for more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 released into the environment). In order to minimize the CO2 emissions, moving towards the goal of Carbon Neutrality, enterprises who are willing to commit like Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam must be ready for the journey of restructuring their production in a holistic and comprehensive way, starting from equipment improvement, factory infrastructure investment to the development of a renewable solar power project to promote green energy consumption.

Presenting in Vietnam market for more than 20 years, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam has been persistently pursuing the goal of sustainable development in every company activity. At the end of December 2021, the company proudly become the first entity of the global Puratos Group to achieve the Carbon Neutral Certificate in business operations.

Looking back on the 4-year journey of bringing about a Carbon Neutral Certificate and an investment of up to 642,000 EUR (equivalent to 16 billion VND) from a strategy on paper, the achievement of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam today showcases a breakthrough and pioneering step in the strategy of this enterprise.

Either in the position of a Vietnam enterprise contributing to the bigger picture of the world economy and global development, or in the image of a multinational corporation with branches operating in more than 60 countries as Puratos Group, the Carbon Neutral Certificate of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam is a great victory in cementing its commitment to fight climate change.

Hard work and persistence pay off

The Carbon Neutral Certificate is a testament to the effectiveness and consistency of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam in the development aligning a sustainable strategy. Take a deeper look, we can also see the visionary plans and continuous efforts to contribute to the community, showcasing a daring spirit of an enterprise.

As to its devotion to bringing high quality chocolate products produced with Cocoa-Trace standards, after 2 years of diligently implementing many projects, in 2020, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam has taken the first step further, aiming to achieve a Carbon Neutral certificate. Specifically, a series of improvement programs, "using green energy" were put into practice, including optimizing production plans, minimizing energy consumption as well as innovating highly efficient and environment-friendly equipment to save energy during operation.

This is also a momentum step so that in 2021, the company's key project – the solar power system - is deployed to ensure an electric capacity of 360,000 kWh/year for production operation. This amount of environment-friendly renewable energy contributes to Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam's goal of being carbon neutral by using green energy.

In addition, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam continues to maintain tree planting activities: offset the corporate emissions by afforestation and aim at the ultimate strategic goal: being carbon neutral in its contribution to green ecosystem.

Obtaining the Carbon Neutral Certificate is not the destination. Continuing its persistent journey towards sustainable development, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam has promptly set new goals, ensuring the 100% Carbon Neutral standard is implemented continuously and expand Puratos' positive impact on the community and the Earth at the same time. Preparing for a greener future, this enterprise also shares the vision of bringing the world's first Carbon-neutral chocolate by convincing and scaling the green operating model to the ecosystem of businesses, supply chains, farmers and partners.

With these unremitting efforts and long-term commitment, it is certain that Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam will continue to bring more breakthrough changes in the future to sustainable development.