Puratos Grand-Place Indochina (PGPI) achieves a carbon neutral certification for its groundbreaking 60DAYS Chocolate

60 DAYS, the unique-tasting, responsibly-sourced chocolate is the first product of Puratos Grand - Place Indochina (PGPI) and the Puratos Group to get the Carbon Neutral Certification. This certification was provided by CO2logic, a South Pole company pioneering in environmental advisory.




60DAYS Chocolate goes beyond industry standards. It aims to reinvent the chocolate process by combining fermentation in wooden acacia boxes with slow roast method to create ‘tree to bar’ chocolate in 60 days. This process generates lower emissions, thanks to its close-to-source production and short transition time. From a taste and quality perspective, customers benefit from a fresher and more flavorsome product, with low sugar content.

To be qualified for carbon-neutral certification, 60DAYS Chocolate of PGPI satisfies the requirements of the Carbon Neutral Product Standard from CO2 Logic, this includes calculations of the emission from-farm-to-chocolate, a shorted process thanks to 60DAYS.

This is the first time PGPI has achieved this certification for its 60DAYS chocolate. CO2logic evaluated the greenhouse gas emissions of all activities to product 60DAYS with the following: purchase of ingredients (cocoa and others); transport of ingredients to the factory; energy consumption to product; packaging of the product; transport to the final recipient. CO2logic supports companies and institutions worldwide in defining and implementing ambitious and integrated sustainability strategies, to meet the climate challenge.

In December 2021, the company proudly became the first entity of the global Puratos Group to achieve the Carbon Neutral Certificate in business operations after the process of evaluating the greenhouse gas emissions generated by manufacturing and operating of company.




Mr. Gricha Safarian, Managing Director at Puratos Grand-Place Indochina (PGPI), said: “We call its production 60DAYS Revolution. Over 12 years in the making, this truly “Next Gen Chocolate” is the absolute innovation in a very traditional and slow-moving chocolate industry. We have managed to reinvent the chocolate process with a combination of fermentation in acacia wooden boxes, slow roast process and tree to bar in 60 Days, avoiding most of the oxidation by light and air. All with low sugar content formulations. We believe a great chocolate product must have not only a good taste but also a green production. That is why we pursue Carbon Neutral certification. Achieving this certification is a part of our sustainability commitments. Our purpose is not profit for profit, but profit for a higher purpose, which means we want to empower consumers and our customers to make better, more informed, more sustainable choices.”

Ms. Chau Bao Huynh, Marketing Director at Puratos Grand-Place Indochina (PGPI), emphasized the ESG journey of PGPI: “We strongly believe our company is on the right track of transformation and adaptation toward ESG trends with three main reasons. Firstly, we do not do it to polish our name or get high scores, we always consider and integrate ESG in our core activities. Secondly, due to our early preparation, ESG is gradually taking place in a synchronous and systematic way to promote the development of our general strategy. Finally, we are grateful to our general director for his great leadership in this ESG transformation from defining vision and goals to taking steps to enhance and scale our business.”

About Puratos Grand-Place Viet Nam

Puratos Grand-Place Indochina (PGPI) is a joint venture between Puratos Group and Grand-Place Holding. Both companies have roots in Belgium and made their first investment in Vietnam more than 20 years ago. PGPI offers a full range of innovative products, raw materials, and application expertise for customers from artisans, food service, chocolate, bakeries, and patisseries.

About 60DAYS Chocolate

60 DAYS Chocolate is the passion of Mr. Gricha Safarian, a Belgian native, who made an unlikely trip to Vietnam and fell in love with the country. This chocolate is freshly made in Vietnam with a short transition time during full process to best preserve the pristine flavor. Also, it is locally crafted from farm to chocolate with tailor-controlled fermentation and signature low-roast formula. Additionally, it is carefully made from the devotion of the producer, committed to creating rich flavored chocolate, while bringing greater value to the community.

Find more information at: https://fresh60days.com/

About Carbon Neutral certification

The Carbon Neutral certification guarantees that certified organisations actively calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint to ensure credible climate action. This certification is offered by CO2logic, a south pole company.

South Pole and CO2logic form the world’s largest climate solutions provider and carbon project developer. Together, they advise and support companies and institutions worldwide in defining and implementing ambitious and integrated sustainability strategies, to meet the climate challenge. As a pioneer in the field of decarbonisation, they also develop climate change mitigation and adaptation projects that meet the highest industry standards for certifying reductions. These projects contribute to the reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions while supporting initiatives that protect the territories and communities most vulnerable to climate change.