Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Impact with Puratos Ingredients and Recipes

10 Dec 2023

At Puratos, our mission is to innovate for good, reaching beyond the creation of exceptional ingredients for the bakery, patisserie, and chocolate industries. 

Whether you're running a small artisanal bakery, managing a bakery chain, or overseeing a large-scale production facility, we recognize the crucial importance of minimizing waste while maximizing the impact of your bakery products.

 In this pursuit, we proudly present an array of innovative ingredients and recipes designed to reduce food waste and elevate the impact of your creations.

Explore our Range of Ingredients Crafted to Reduce Food Waste in Baked Goods and Cakes

Intens Freshness: Prolonging Shelf Life, Reducing Waste

When you choose Intens Freshness, it's not just an ingredient; it's your commitment to minimizing food waste and enhancing sustainability. Standing out in the dynamic world of food manufacturing, Intens Freshness incorporates advanced enzyme technology. 

This unique ingredient extends the shelf life of baked goods by up to two weeks effectively minimizing food waste. By integrating Intens Freshness into your processes, you're making a conscious choice to foster sustainability in your business. Rest assured, the longer shelf life never compromises the exceptional taste that defines your products.

Soft'r Melting Clean(er) Label (CL): Preserving Texture for Longer

Soft'r Melting CL goes beyond preserving the texture of your bread; it's your reason to innovate for good with us. Crafted specifically for medium-sized and sweet bread applications, Soft'r Melting CL is an innovative technology designed to maintain the softness and moisture of bread for an extended period. 

This cleaner label solution ensures a longer shelf life for your bakery items and a lower environmental impact through food waste reduction. It's a step towards sustainability without compromising the taste that your customers love.

Acti-Fresh: Quality that Lasts, Waste that Diminishes

Acti-Fresh isn't just an enhancer of cake quality; it's a step towards sustainability. By extending the shelf life of cakes and pastries, you're actively minimizing waste and contributing to a more eco-friendly baking practice. 

This range of cake improvers extends the shelf life of your creations by up to 30%, reducing the risk of waste and enhancing overall quality.

Innovative Recipes for a Better Planet

Toast Bread - Reduced Waste, Extended Shelf Life

Toast Bread - Reduced Waste, Extended Shelf Life

Innovate with our toast bread recipe to cut waste by up to 50% and enjoy longer-lasting toast. This solution is your reason to contribute to a sustainable baking industry, making every slice count.

French Brioche Loaf - Redefining Waste Reduction

French Brioche Loaf - Redefining Waste Reduction

Our cutting-edge ingredients redefine brioche, reducing waste by up to 50% compared to traditional recipes. Choosing this innovation for good allows you to make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Puratos Recipes

Puratos Recipes

From inspiration to creation. Explore new ideas for your next recipe.

With so many reasons to innovate, let's unite and create a positive impact on the world. Together, we can do good and move the planet forward.