Leading enterprise to create "green journey"

No-one can ignore the extent of the environmental crisis facing humanity. There is an urgent need to reduce our environmental footprint in order to preserve our planet for future generations. Puratos considers this as an opportunity to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, water consumption and waste generation. We have clear objectives: become CO2 neutral and water balanced by 2030.

31 Mar 2023

According to a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations (UN), electricity and heat consumption, agricultural and farming, and industrial production are the three main activities of the food industrial, also the root cause of global warming (more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, including Co2 emissions into the environment).

Intending to minimize these CO2 emissions and aim to be carbon neutral, contributing to the protection of the global ecosystem, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam has restructured our production line. Modernizing equipment, investing in infrastructure and establishing renewable solar energy projects and promoting green energy consumption.

After 04 years journey, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam company received the carbon neutrality certificate in December 2021, becoming the first of Puratos group achieved this certificate. That is sincerely a worthy achievement for our efforts and steadfastness in realizing our commitment to combat climate change.

Carbon Neutral certificate is not the destination. We keep Continuing our sustainable journey, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam has promptly set new goals, ensuring the 100% Carbon Neutral standard has to be implemented, extend Puratos' positive impact on the community and the Earth. Preparing for a green business also shares the vision of bringing the first Carbon-neutral chocolate in the world by convincing and scaling the green operation to the ecosystem, industry, supply chains, farmers, and partners.

With these continuous efforts and long-term commitment, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam will undoubtedly continue to bring more breakthrough changes in the future for sustainable development.