International Breads Workshop with 13 delicious recipes

11 May 2023

With the mission of accompanying and developing the bakery industry in Vietnam, Puratos Grand-Place constantly brings trends, ideas and solutions to customers. Last May, we held an event called “International Breads Workshop” in order to provide amazing concepts to our beloved participants.

Specifically, besides the presence of our international technical advisor, Vincent Fogaroli with his exclusive Brioche De Paris concept, we also introduce the international breads collection from all over the world to contribute to the diversity of Banh Mi in Vietnam.

Vincent Fogaroli shows his outstanding skills on making the Brioche.

Customers fully enjoy the international specialties.

We are ecstatic that the new concepts presented at the workshop were so well received and garnered so much interest from attendees.

The national signature of South Africa, Roosterkoek, is made from Puratos Grand-Place ingredients .

The success of the International Breads Workshop was attributable to the enthusiastic participation of distinguished visitors. We shared joyous moments and smiles throughout the entire event. And this further motivates Puratos Grand-Place to advance and always be a dependable customer companion.

The best moment of the event.

Contact the sales department for more information about the recipes in the "Brioche De Paris" and "International Breads" collections.