Health and Well-being

The way food is produced impacts both people’s health and our planet. That’s why, since the very beginning, Health & Well-Being has been at the heart of Puratos’ research and development activities. We aim to provide the most nutritionally wholesome products possible, without compromising on taste, texture, quality, or safety.

6 Apr 2022

With science on our side, we continuously improve our product range, to be better and healthier. We increase the presence of power ingredients, like fruit, fiber, and wholegrains, in our products. We also strive to cut down the presence of ingredients, like salt, certain fats, and sugars.

In addition, Puratos’ proprietary research program Taste Tomorrow enables us to have in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviors, attitudes, and choices. With that in mind, we offer the right product range to cover consumer needs for transparency or plant-based alternatives.

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