Food Innovation For Good

We move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the health and well-being of people everywhere.

Here at Puratos Grand-Place, we believe food has extraordinary power in our lives: the power to feed, nourish, comfort, and bring families together. It can unite people of all backgrounds, putting a smile on our faces as we celebrate life’s moments—big and small. It even has the unique power to heal!

We do not take this great responsibility lightly, and that is why we have actively committed to a holistic operating model, one that is sustainable, respectful, and balanced. To this end, we are implementing plans to achieve CO2 neutrality, use water responsibly, and reduce waste. Our raw materials are sourced respectfully, and we aim to ensure safe and stable revenue for farmers. We work in harmony with the communities we are a part of and invest in providing life-changing educational opportunities in our Bakery Schools. We are committed to our employees and creating a caring working environment that welcomes diversity and promotes personal development.

Food innovation is energy for good. That is why we are constantly striving to grow our positive impact with the creation of innovative food solutions that promote health & well-being and steadily move businesses, customers, people, and the planet forward.

28 Mar 2022


At Puratos GrandPlace VN, we help customers be successful with their business, by turning technologies and experiences from food cultures around the world into new opportunities. Together, we improve the lives of people and protect the planet.


Our vision defines our future by building on our present. Vision allows us to dream big, tackle and overcome obstacles, and set new ambitions.


Courage means acting with confidence and optimism when facing adversity. It pushes us to explore new solutions, innovate, and improve continuously. Courage enables us to take calculated risks in the pursuit of our vision.


Passion is what inspires us. Passion for bread, patisserie and chocolate, passion for our people, our culture, our customers, our communities, the planet, and our results. Passion gives us a higher sense of purpose; it enables us to think long-term while delivering short-term results. Passion pushes us to accomplish what initially seemed impossible to delight our customers.


Collaboration is how we choose to win. Great things happen when our teams work closely together, combining their adverse backgrounds, experiences, and strength.


Integrity is our moral compass. Guided by moral and ethical principles, we treat people with respect, with our values always defining our actions. We have zero-tolerance for unethical behaviors.


Quality is the standard by which we measure all actions. It is our ambition to get them right the first time, and always strive to learn and improve. Quality is everyone’s responsibility, as we push for the highest standards and continuously improve the ways to operate.