Cacao-Trace leads the way to a truly sustainable future for the cocoa chain

26 Jun 2023

Cacao Trace

Our Cacao-Trace program is making significant strides toward a sustainable future for the cocoa chain. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the cocoa chain, and all involved, maintaining our initial engagement to achieve a truly sustainable future and we take pride in pursuing our goals for 2025. In line with our objectives, we are pleased to share our 2022 Next Generation Cacao Foundation Report which highlights some of the great achievements we’ve made with our customers and provides insights into how you can join the movement.

From empowering cocoa farmers to reducing environmental impact, Cacao-Trace is leading the way in creating a sustainable cocoa chain. The 2022 Next Generation Cacao Foundation Report showcases the program's achievements in areas such as farmer income, biodiversity, and carbon footprint reduction. In 2022, we exceeded our goal by collecting 2 million euros of Chocolate Bonus, which was sent 100% to the farmers. 


The Quality Premium, paid directly to farmers in addition to the farm gate price has had a life-changing impact on the 15,273 farmers’ families who are part of the Cacao-Trace program. 


We’ve been able to ensure better education by building 3 classrooms in Davidkro and distributing 4,500 scholar kits to children. This initiative is part of our broader strategy to fight against child labor, which consists of five interconnected pillars you can discover in our report. We provided better health conditions for communities by building 1 maternity in Nero-Brousse and 12 new clean water towers. 

We’ve also implemented equipment, processes, and training to support farmers in producing sustainable, great-tasting chocolate, as well as developing agroforestry that brings more biodiversity, better climate resistance, and new sources of income to communities. 

These initiatives are just a few examples of how we’re committed to improving the lives of farmers. Join us in unlocking a sustainable future for the cocoa chain. Discover our Full Integrated Report and take action toward a more sustainable chocolate industry.