Ice cream shop

Make from Every Scoop a magic moment for your customers

As an ice cream shop owner, you have the power to bring joy and happiness to every customer that walks through your door. The key to delivering a truly exceptional ice cream experience starts with using the best quality ingredients. We're passionate about helping ice cream shop owners to create the most delicious and creamy treats that your customers will love. Imagine the look of delight on their faces as they enjoy every scoop of your creations. That's what we're all about.

Level-up your ice cream recipes with unique ingredients
Chocolate cocoa mass NG CCT
Chocolate cocoa mass NG CCT is made from 100% Papua New Guinea nut source PNG
Dark Chocolate Chip
Chocolate compound chip Dark has a teardrop shape with good baking temperature resistance and delicious taste to help save a long-lasting delicious aftertaste.
Chocolate Liquid Dark
Dark compound chocolate liquid and trans-fat free and easy to use, multi-application
Chocolate Liquid Milk
Liquid milk chocolate compound with no trans-fat, easy to use, convenient packaging design

fresh taste

Lemon ice cream cake

Khám phá công thức

chocolate bliss

Praline cornetto snack

Khám phá công thức


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