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Making the future of food a reality today

(Health-)conscious consumption, plant-based, craftmanship,… consumer behavior is constantly evolving. 

That’s why over 10 years ago, we developed our own consumer research initiative called Taste Tomorrow. We track local and global consumer behaviors, attitudes and choices, using a combination of interviews and semantic AI technology. This allows us to keep track of the evolution of trends and reveal new ones in bakery, patisserie and chocolate.

Moreover, all the data we collect is supported by our global trend-spotting network, exhaustive sensorial research, and unique partnerships with researchers, flavor houses, and universities.

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How does this help your business?

  • Be always up-to-date with the latest trends in bakery, patisserie and chocolate. On a global and local level.
  • Get a global perspective on the food industry today and predictions where it may be headed tomorrow.
  • Garner fresh insights and market knowledge from anywhere across the globe.
  • Stay connected to your customers and discover new opportunities.
You want to be up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations within your field? Request a presentation with the latest insights on the Taste Tomorrow-website.

What's hot in 2023?

Hottest bakery trends for 2023

Consumers demand freshness, appreciate craftsmanship and continue to seek comfort from traditional authentic recipes.

Hottest patisserie trends for 2023

Consumers are chasing pure tradition, classics with a twist and permissible indulgence.

Hottest chocolate trends for 2023

Consumers demand more from chocolate than just sweetness. Transparency and conscious consumption is one of the top three trends.

Stay connected to your customers

Do you want fresh insights about health, convenience, experience, digital and more to stimulate innovation in the field of bakery, patisserie and chocolate? Or do you want more information on our global consumer survey? 

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