Tegral Chiffon Master

A premium complete mix for chiffon cake brings soft, tough and moist texture

  • Convenience: less preparation time and less stock management
  • Storage: simple to stock and store
  • Speed: shorter production times
  • Elastic, soft and moist texture
  • Good resiliency & mouth-feel
  • Packaging: Carton 10 kg (10 packs x 1 kg) - Bag 10 kg
Customer advantages
  • Creates excellent sponge cakes and swiss rolls
  • Helps to avoid production fluctuations, ensures consistency in the finished product
  • Produces high yield for increased production
  • Multiple applications
Consumer advantages
  • Elastic, soft and moist texture

Puratos cake mixes enable you to make an endless variety of cake products quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We regularly review and revise our mixes to keep pace with consumer trends. Our collaboration with international patissiers and thanks to our global presence and R&D capabilities, we’ve been able to diversify and enrich our assortment with local specialties from different regions.

Tegral Sponge is a moist, rich and consistent sponge cake mix for the preparation of European-style sponge cakes and rolls quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 

Recipes you can make with Tegral Chiffon Master


Tegral Sponge Gold

Sponge complete mix brings soft and moist texture, mouth-feel, white crumb

Tegral Sponge Extra+

Sponge complete mix provides high volume, nice shape and stability after baking. It's flexible to recipe change. Good resiliency & light yellow crumb

Tegral Satin Moist Red Velvet

Appear the first time in 1920 in America, nowadays Red Velvet becomes a hottest trend in over the world. Our Tegral Satin Moist Red Velvet will bring you a soft moist texture cake with fantastic color and flavor.

Tegral Allegro New

Complete mixes for dry pound cakes & muffins; dense texture and long freshness.

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