Puravita Wholemeal

Puravita is a range of bakery mixes to offering complete and innovative healthy concepts to customers. It helps consumers to manage their healthy lifestyle.

Puravita Wholemeal supplies 36% of fiber recommended daily amount intake thanks to Wheat bran:

  • A critical source of dietary fibre
  • Contains significant quantities of starch, protein, vitamins and dietary minerals
  • Rich of fibers
  • Validated nutritional claims
  • Guaranteed consistent quality
  • Including non-bromate bread improver S500 Acti-Plus
  • Storage: Keep in dry, clean and cool place, free from foreign odors. Avoid moisture, temperature changes and direct sunlight exposure. Close packaging tighly after use
  • Packaging: 10 kg/ box (2 packs x 5kg)
Customer advantages
  • Easy to use by artisan and industrial bakers
  • Supported by communication based on nutritional facts
  • Helps to position yourself as a specialist in healthy bakery products
Consumer advantages
  • Rich in fibres
  • Limited in salt amount
  • Reduced in fat and/or sugar if it concerns rich bakery products

Multigrain and seeded breads provide just the experience consumers are looking for with regards to taste and texture. Based on a global study of 6,400 consumers worldwide, health & wellness is a trend that will continue to accumulate traction. People want their food to contain as many natural ingredients as possible. 65% of US consumers are reading labels for ingredients and nutritional value. In today’s climate, the consumer values a variety of healthy products that taste delicious!

Recipes you can make with Puravita Wholemeal

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