A long history of proven successes
Creation of T500, the first complete improver in paste
S500 is launched as an improver in powder containing xylanase
Launch of Acti-Plus technology, an innovative and optimal combination of enzymes & emulsifiers
Launch of the new generation S500 based on Puratos patented enzyme technology


Since its launch in 1975, S500 is the worldwide reference product for bread improvers. Artisan and industrial bakers worldwide have recognized S500 as a premium product that gives absolute security during all stages of the bread-making process. Over the years, Puratos has continued to invest in new technologies and new enzyme combinations to ensure the best quality improver.


What S500 can offer you:

S500 shows its supremacy when bakery conditions go bad!

  • Guarantees constant & premium product quality
  • Is a multi-purpose improver with unique versatility:
             - Adapted for any kind of process: direct, retarded fermentation, long fermentation, short freezing
                 -  Applicable in any yeast raised product: crusty & soft rolls, white & wholemeal breads, croissants
                   -  Adapted for all flour qualities

      • Provides outstanding volume & regular shape to baked products
      • Improves the freshness of baked products