Responsible Sourcing

We consider that responsible sourcing is an integral part of ethical trading and is at the heart of public awareness. Since Ethics is one of Puratos’ core values, we have confirmed our commitment to Ethical Trading as outlined in our Ethical Trading Charter.

Sustainable Cocoa at Puratos Grand-Place

At Puratos Grand-Place, we believe sustainability is a win-win relationship for every actor in the cocoa supply chain, from the farmers to the consumers. We actively seek to share our know-how on fermentation to add value to the cocoa and to develop a great taste. Through better productivity, quality and returns to farmers, the community as a whole is developed and improved, farmers are empowered and continue to sustainably grow cocoa... so chocolate can be enjoyed for many years to come.
We strive to provide skills to create farming entrepreneurs and support farmers to increase their incomes. We believe this will have a positive impact on cocoa farmer’s standard of living. They can invest in their future and can afford education for their children in addition to providing proper housing for their families.


Supply Chain Integrity and Certifications

We are committed to act as a responsible entrepreneur and dedicated to help our customers to be more successful in their business. As part of this commitment, we have built transparent and traceable supply chains throughout our chocolate manufacturing processes and can provide chocolate which has been certified by independent third-parties without compromising taste. Such external certifications include Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and UTZ.


The Cacao-Trace program then allows Puratos Grand-Place to provide added value to everyone involved in the cocoa supply chain: on the one hand, farmers get practical and theoretical support for a better income and life. On the other hand, chocolatiers and industrialists can enjoy high-quality sustainable chocolate.

High quality and consistent taste is guaranteed by our own handling of the post-harvest process in our exclusive post-harvest centers. Thanks to our internal control system, we are able to trace back each and every lot and thereby guarantee product traceability from the beans to the chocolate.