With more than 20 years’ experiences in manufacturing chocolate with Belgium know-how as well equipment, Puratos Grand- Place is proud to be the leader in providing chocolate solution for ice cream industry. We not only supply high quality chocolate ( available in Dark – Milk – White) but also go together with customers to co-create ice cream products which are innovative and in line with market trends. With professional R&D team, we can do research and provide you solutions tailored to your specific needs and suitable with your ice cream machines. A high quality chocolate coating or filling will accelerate your ice cream flavor and help you to optimal production.

Chocolanté Gardener of Chocolate

The Unique Taste

The real chocolate is produced under CACAO-TRACE standard, the product offers an exquisite experience of great & unique chocolate taste. As a part of Cacao-Trace sustainable programme, this product range also helps in the long term development of the local cocoa supply chain. Chocolanté Gardener of Chocolate comes in two varieties: Chocolanté, GOC Fruity; Chocolanté, GOC Classic.

Product range:


1. Dark 72%    

  • An intense 72% dark chocolate with pronounced acid notes leveled with fresh fruit aroma
  • Cocoa content (%): 72%

2. Dark 58%

  • A delicate 58% dark chocolate both fruity and sweet, balanced with spicy notes
  • Cocoa content (%): 58%

3. Milk 38%

  • A 38% milk chocolate with an intense cocoa taste, delicate plum notes and sweet toffee touches
  • Cocoa content (%): 38%

4. White 40%

  • A well-balanced white chocolate of 40% cocoa min with a natural vanilla flavor
  • Cocoa content: 40%     


Dark 54%

  • A semi-sweet dark chocolate with 54% cocoa min .It has a good balance of sweetness, lightly bitter taste and nutty flavour.
  • Cocoa content (%): 54%
Confectionery Solution

Confectionery Solution

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