Industrial solutions

Customer satisfaction and consistent quality, as well as optimal performance in the industrial production process are key to your business success. To help you capitalise on your market potential, we deliver great ideas, high-quality ingredients and services tailored to your specific needs. With our innovation centers, pilot bakery and pilot patisserie to our Sensory Analysis lab and mobile Sensobox, we have the tools to help your team develop future solutions.

Puratos focuses on improving final product quality in terms of superior freshness, shelf-life, softness, eating quality and flavour. Our innovations are of prime importance to help manage overall production and distribution costs. To help you achieve consistent quality we create ingredients and technologies that increase the tolerance and reliability of your specific production process. Our teams of specialists test and fine tune products on your production lines.

How can Puratos help you develop your business?
Puratos can help YOU to differentiate and innovate. Our research, experience and partnership enable you to meet your key challenges:
  • With concrete support and ideas for innovation that will make your products irresistible
  • By providing you with insights into global/ local consumer behaviors, attitudes and preferences related to bakery, patisserie and chocolate that will inspire future product development and innovation to help grow your business.
  • With a wide range of high quality ingredient functionalities, such as taste, texture and nutritional value, adapted to your production process, equipment and finished products.
  • With new product concepts and recipes.
  • By providing technical support and validation of your production process, including co-creation of finished products.

So do not hesitate anymore and put us to the test, we have all the ingredients and expertise that you need to have your customers coming back for more!