Sushi Sponge Roll


Cake base
Tegral Chiffon Master* 500
Eggs 500
Water or Milk 100
Cake gel 15
Oil 75
Cream cheese 500
Icing sugar 100
Milk 100
Topfil Wild Blueberry* 500

Working Method

Cake base
  • Mix all ingredients without cooking oil, with 1 minute slow, 8 minute fast. Then add cooking oil slowly, continue mixing at 1 minutes slow.
  • Pour the batter into 2 baking trays (60 x 40cm), weight ~500g/ pan
  • Baking 12 minutes at 170°C - Let cake cool down, divide 4 pieces (20x30cm) per baking tray.
  • The rest of batter can be mixed colors, baked and dried at 70°C in 45 mins, then crumb and sieve for decorating cake
  • (*) You can use Tegral Sponge Gold/ Gold+ instead of Tegral Chiffon Master

  • Whip cream cheese and sugar well, add milk slowly and whip until smooth (1)
  • Grind Topfil Wild Blueberry (2).

Assembly & Decoration

- Spread filling (1) & (2) onto cake base, form into a roll

- Brush Miroir Neutre onto cake and cover by nuts, multi-grains or dried cake crumble

- Slice cake into 3 cm thick.