Red Velvet Apple Cake


Red Velvet Cake Base
Tegral Satin Moist Red Velvet* 1000
Eggs 400
Vegetable Oil 400
Water 200
Apple Jelly
Topfil Apple 60%* 3000
Gelatine leaves 90
ChocoRainbow - Easy Choco Line* 100

Working Method

Red Velvet Cake Base

- Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl at low speed for 2 minutes, and medium speed for 6 minutes (using paddle)

- Pour the batter into 2 baking trays (40 x 60cm) and spread out evenly

- Bake at temperature 180°C for about 15-18 minutes

- Cool down and divide each tray into 6 square pieces of 18cm, 1cm thickness

Apple Jelly

- Warm cook Topfil Apple, then add soaked gelatine and mix well.

Assembly & Decoration

- Assembly: Arrange into a 18cm square mousse mould, following below order: 200g Apple jelly -> Cake -> 150g Apple jelly -> Cake -> 150g Apple jelly

- Makes 6 big cakes of 18cm

- Divide the cake into 14 rectangular pieces of 2.5cm x 9cm

- Brush miroir on cake and decorate as illustrated