Moka chocolate cake


Coffee Cake Base
Tegral Satin Cream Cake Coffee* 1000
Eggs 350
Water 250
Oil 500
Milk Chocolate Ganache
Chocolanté GOC Milk 38%* 500
Whipping Cream 500
Sweetened Coffee Syrup
Instant Coffee Powder 36
Hot water 64
Chocolate glaze
Sugar 256
Water 128
Glucose Syrup 256
Condensed Milk 171
Gelatine 16
Water 2 96
Chocolanté GOC Milk 38%* 112
Coffee bean
ChocoRainbow - Easy Choco Line*

Working Method

Coffee Cake Base
  • Mix all ingredients together for 2 minutes at low speed and 4 minutes at medium speed, using paddle
  • Pour the batter into baking tray (40 x 60cm) and spread evenly.
  • Bake at 180°C for 15-18 minutes
  • Cool down the cake, slice into 2 layers, and each layer can be cut into 6 squares of 18cm, 1.5cm thickness

Milk Chocolate Ganache
  • Heat up whipping cream and pour into chocolate, mix well to make a ganache.

Sweetened Coffee Syrup
  • Dissolve the coffee powder in hot water.

Chocolate Glaze
  • Boil sugar, water and glucose to 103°C
  • Pour into chocolate, stir till well mixed
  • Soak the gelatine in water, then pour into the above mixture together with condensed milk
  • It is possible to add in some red coloring
  • Use a hand-held mixer to mix until smooth and shiny, try to avoid air incorporation into the mixture
  • Keep in the chiller
  • Before using, heat up in the microwave and use to glaze the frozen mousse at about 35°C.

  • Assembly the cake in a square mousse mould by the following order: Coffee cake layer brushed with coffee syrup -> milk chocolate ganache -> coffee cake layer brushed with coffee syrup -> milk chocolate ganache
  • Store the cake in freezer
  • Once frozen, take out the glaze the cake
  • Cut the cake into small rectangular pieces of 3x9cm
  • Each cake can be cut into 12 pieces
  • Decorate by coffee bean and ChocoRainbow.