Lemon, Hazelnut & Almond Brown Rice Rocks


Caramelized Admonds
Admond powder 30
Sugar 150
Water 40
Unsalted butter 10
Candied Lemons
Yellow lemon zest 160
Water 200
Sugar 150
Lemon juice 5
Salt 1
Lemon & Almond & Hazelnut, Brown Rice
Ivory Block * 100
Cocoa Butter* 20
Caramelized Admonds 100
Candied Lemons 80
Almond & Hazelnut Praline 200
Crisp brown rice 80

Caramelized Admonds
  • Boil water and suger to 118°C, then stop and mix with almond powder, cool the mix down
  • Continue cooking till the mixturned caramelized. Put off fire, add unsalted butter and mix well

Candied Lemons
  • Boil all ingredients in cooking bowl. Then, reduce the heat to the lower level in 60 minutes till the mixture get condensed

Lemon & Almond & Hazelnut, Brown Rice
  • Melt chocolate & cocoa butter then temper the mixture
  • Add almond & hazelnut praline into the mixture, then mix well using a handheld blender. Next, add other ingredients and stir well.

Assembly & Decoration

Use forks or spoons to make chocolate rocks