Cake base
Tegral Sponge Gold* 500
Eggs 500
Water 100
Oil 100
Almond powder 200
Ivory Ganache
Unsalted butter 70
Ivory Block* 350
Non-Dairy Creamer 350
Butter cream
Unsalted butter 300
Fresh milk 300

Cake base
  • Mix all the ingredients together (except oil) at high speed for 8 minutes
  • Then slow down, add oil. Pour the mixture evenly into 2 trays 40x60cm (700gr/tray). Bake at 180°C in 12 mins
  • Let the cake cool down and cut in half.

Ivory ganache
  • Cook Non-Dairy Creamer and 35g butter with medium heat until well smooth
  • Then add Ivoryblock, lower the heat to minimum, whisk the chocolate till melted.Finally add the rest of the butter (35g).

Butter cream
  • Whip unsalted butter, slowly add milk in, whip until smooth
  • Mix butter cream with 300gr Ivory Ganache on top

  • Shape and decorate in sequence: Sponge cake -> Caramel sauce -> Buttercream ( repeat with next 3 layers).
  • Glaze the top with Ivory ganache (400gr).