How to make ganache with real chocolate


Ganache for covering cake
Whipping cream 1000
Chocolanté, GOC Dark 58%* 1000
Ganache for fillings praline
Unsalted butter 50
Whipping cream 260
Chocolanté, GOC Dark 58%* 300
Honey 45
Orange wine 5
Shredded orange peel 5

Working Method

Ganache for covering cake
  • Heat the whipping cream to 80-85°C
  • Pour whipping cream into chocolate, mix well
  • Let the mixture cool down to 32-35°C
  • Apply mixture as cover onto the cake and decorate as you like

Ganache for fillings pralines
  • Heat the mixture of whipping cream and honey to 80-85 °C
  • Pour the mixture into the chocolate, stirring well
  • Let the mixture cool down to 32-35°C
  • Next, add the butter and use hand mixer to grind the mixture to a smooth paste
  • Continue to add shredded orange peel, orange wine and mix until smooth
  • Pour into the triangle plastic bag and pump them into each Cocosphere
  • Use melted chocolate to cover the hole of candies, decorate as you like with chocolate powder, nuts or caramel.