Hazelnut, raspberry and cinnamon praline


Hazelnut Ganache
Hazelnut Praline 500
Chocolanté, GOC Milk 38%* 90
Cocoa butter* 40
Raspberry fruit paste
Raspberry puree 300
Sugar 250
Yellow Pectin 6
Cointreau wine 30
Cinnamon Ganache
Chocolanté, GOC Milk 38%* 150
Chocolanté, GOC Dark 69%* 100
Cinnamon peel 6
Whipping cream 250
Sugar 40
Cinnamon powder 4
Trimoline sugar 10
Unsalted butter 40
Chocolate Shell
Chocolanté, GOC Dark 72%* 400

Hazelnut Ganache
  • Melt chocolate and cocoa butter. Then mix with hazelnut praline

Raspberry fruit paste
  • Heat up rasberry puree and 200gr sugar, stir till well dissolved
  • Mix pectine and 50gr sugar, then add in cooking mixture
  • Boil the above mixture up to 104°C, pour into a bowl and cover by food wrap
  • Let it cool down to 35°C, add Cointreau wine and stir well

Cinnamon Ganache
  • Heat up whipping cream to about 85°C, soak cinnamon peel in 1 hour to develop flavor
  • Sieve out the whipping cream and cinnamon, then heat up. Add in cinnamon powder, trimoline and mix well 
  • Add this mixture in melted chocolate, stir well
  • Let it cool down to 38°C, add unsalted butter and mix well using a handheld blender

Chocolate shell & assembly
  • Melt and temper chocolate as instruction on packaging
  • Pour into the mould then pour it right back out to have a thin shell inside of the mold
  • Put into the chiller, let it cool down. Then, pipe 3 kinds of filling into the mould
  • After capping off the mould with chocolate, we put them in the chiller until the chocolate released from the mould