Puff pastry base
Flour 500
Salt 10
Sugar 8
Water 240
Unsalted butter (soft) 200
Aristo Croissant Margarine* 400
Choux base
Water 150
Unsalted butter 75
Flour (8-10%) 100
Salt 0.5
Sugar 0.5
Eggs 100
Cremyvit custard powder* 120
Fresh milk 330
Whipping cream 400
Rum light wine 5
Ivory (Block)* 150


Puff pastry base
  • Mix all ingredients (except Aristo) about 3 minutes low, 3 minutes high. Temperature of dough is 22oC
  • Cover and leave to rest in fridge for 20 minutes
  • Roll out the pastry with Aristo (4 x 3 x 4 x 3)
  • Use ring mould (diameter 18cm) to cut the dough and bake

Choux base
  • In a saucepan over medium heat, warm the water, unsalted butter, sugar and salt together
  • Pour in the flour, remove the saucepan from the heat. Stir together to combine
  • Put dough into mixer, use paddle to mix at low speed and add in eggs slowly
  • Using a piping bag and plain nozzle pipe to make the small choux buns (diameter 2 cm)
  • Baking at 180-190oC about 20-25 minutes, according to the heat of oven

  • Mix Cremyvit and cold milk for 2 minutes high and 3 minutes medium until smooth
  • Whisk whipping cream until soft peaks form, then mix with Cremyvit mixture to smooth. Then add in Rum wine

Assembly and Decoration
  • Fill cream filling in choux buns, then dipping a half of choux into melting chocolate, then set aside to cool
  • Create a choux wall on top of the puff pastry circle, pipe cream filling onto the center of the puff pastry
  • Finally, decorate cake as the picture