Custard cream mixes

There is no need to sacrifice quality for speed when making custard cream. We offers a large range of custard cream mixes simple to use and delicious. 

  • Time savings: limited preparation steps
  • Constant quality: limited errors and risks
  • Tasty flavor & smooth texture
  • Multi-applications: custard cream of choux, eclair; pudding, mousse, ...
  • Packaging: CREMYCO: carton 10 kg (2 packs x 5 kg) - CREMYVIT: Carton 10kg (2 packs x 5 kg / 10 packs x 1 kg) / Bag 25kg
  • Shelf life: 9 months
Customer advantages
  • A convenient solution
  • A multi-purpose custard cream
  • Excellent freeze/thaw stability
  • Very easy to prepare
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding quality
  • Firm texture
  • Clean cut
  • A rich, milky taste

Puratos Grand-Place has developed many alternatives for taste, texture and performance properties. All of them bring you safety, convenience and great taste. Custard powder mixes are easy to use and quick to prepare. Just add cold water, whip, and the custard creams are ready, possessing all the taste and firm texture that consumers are looking for.

Product range:


  • Delicious instant custard cream - cold process.
  • Milky taste 


  • Complete mix for a superior confectioner’s custard prepared with cold water.
  • High profile of creamy flavor, smoothness.


  • Filling in baked products like tarts, danish pastries and pies
  • Filling in éclairs and viennoiserie; in slices such as cremeschnitte, and in glorious combination with dairy or vegetable cream;
  • Drinks: can mix with fresh milk or yogurt, juice… to create unique recipes

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