Aristo Croissant Margarine

Aristo Margarines are 100% quality vegetable margarines, designed specifically to meet the needs of laminated products such as croissants and danishes.

Fat is a crucial ingredient in all bakery recipes. Providing layering for all viennoisserie and puff pastry products, it supports dough development and provides better ‘slice-ability’ for breads.

  • 100% vegetable margarines for lamination
  • Great workability
  • Nicer layerings
  • Packaging: 10kg/ box (2kg x 5 sheets)
Customer advantages
  • Ideal for laminated breads
  • Nice layering
  • Indulgent butter flavor
  • Excellent workability
Consumer advantages
  • Non-hydrogenated fat solutions

With its indulgent buttery flavour, Aristo Croissant is a quality margarine developed specifically for the lamination of croissants and danishes. Once laminated, croissants and danishes keep their freshness and flakiness throughout their shelf life, then simply melt in your mouth. Aristo Croissant offers excellent workability and can be used for direct and frozen process.

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