Ambiante is non – dairy cream for multi-application purpose, Ambiante will bring a very great taste to your patisserie products. 

  • Delicately white in color, nice balanced taste bringing delight to drinks without making them oily
  • Stable, soft and smooth cream texture
  • Possible to combine with various flavouring and colouring agents without overwhelming the original tastes such as matcha green tea, chocolate, blueberry or mint
  • Packaging: 12-litter carton (12 boxes x 1 litter)
Customer advantages
  • Easy to store
  • Highly economic as it overruns at four times its original volume
  • UHT-sterilised so can be stored at room temperature for up to nine months Consumer benefits
Customer advantages
  • Nice balanced taste
  • Trans fat-free, Cholesterol-free, GMO-free, dairy-free

Non-diary cream has gained in popularity over recent years as a good substitute for diary-based products. Professional bakers and bartenders have turned to this new option because it offers highly nutritional properties, pleasing flavors, great stability and flexibility. 

The sweetness of the product as well as its white color and its smooth texture makes it ideal. Once in the piping bag or on the application, Ambiante stays workable – and fresh – for longer than comparable products. Extremely smooth, easy to spread, and devoid of air bubbles.

Convenience thanks to UHT technology

Ambiante non-dairy cream is easy to store and easy to use: available in 1 liter Tetra Pak (six-layer cover). With UHT sterilized, Ambiante can be stored at cool temperature (2o – 20oC) for up to 9 months, not necessarily in freezer.


  • Processing ingredients in drinks such as tea, coffee, juice, ice-blended, etc.
  • Topping cream for drinks
  • Making milk foam
  • Making mousse, flan, pudding…

Nutritional properties:

  • 24% fat
  • 20% sugar
  • Trans fat-free, Cholesterol-free, GMO-free, dairy-free

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