With more than 20 years’ experiences in manufacturing chocolate with Belgium know-how as well equipment, Puratos Grand- Place is proud to be the leader in providing chocolate solution for ice cream industry. We not only supply high quality chocolate ( available in Dark – Milk – White) but also go together with customers to co-create ice cream products which are innovative and in line with market trends. With professional R&D team, we can do research and provide you solutions tailored to your specific needs and suitable with your ice cream machines. A high quality chocolate coating or filling will accelerate your ice cream flavor and help you to optimal production.

Compound liquid chocolate

A perfect match of your Ice cream and Puratos Grand-Place chocolate


  • Great taste and mouth feel
  • Incredible easy to use and save time
  • Trans fat free
  • Heat resistance
  • Highly compatible with ice cream machines
  • New innovate packaging make it easy to stir
  • Safe seal cap to protect product after each use
For big orders we offer tank delivery to help customer reduce transportation fee


  • Dipping 
  • Spraying inside waffle
  • Decoration